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How to use ruch in a sentence. Ruch pronunciation.

She spoke in a modest way about Paris, about her travels, about Baden; she made Maria Dmitrievna laugh two or three times, and each time she uttered a gentle sigh afterwards, as if she were secretly reproaching herself for her unbecoming levity; she asked leave to bring Ada to the house; she took off her gloves, and with her smooth white hands she pointed out how and where flounces, ruches, lace, and so forth, were worn; she promised to bring a bottle of new English scent-the Victoria essence-and was as pleased as a child when Maria Dmitrievna consented to accept it as a present; and she melted into tears at the remembrance of the emotion she had experienced when she heard the first Russian bells.
Niem ochrzczon duch Świat wprawia w ruch, W niebieski tan! Sam się łączy Z Wiecznym w Niebie- Światło sączy Niebo z siebie!
Les essaims d'abeilles rousses fuyaient aux ruches, les colombes aux pigeonniers, les perdrix aux emblavures lointaines, les lapins aux bruyères des bois.
She wore a dress of dark-blue silky stuff, with ruches of blue and green linen lace in the neck and sleeves; and she had emerald-green stockings.

Examples of Ruch

Example #1
Varvara Pavlovna listened to him, slightly smiling at times, then by degrees she too began to talk.
Example #2
At first he was somewhat abashed, but Varvara Pavlovna behaved to him with such coquettish respectfulness that his ears soon began to tingle, and amiable speeches and gossiping stories began to flow uninterruptedly from his lips.
Example #3
I natchnienie Jak zbawienie Zsyła Pan!
Example #4
Skra Bożych tchnień To ducha moc!
Example #5
Les dragons refoulèrent devant eux toutes les bêtes de la terre.
Example #6
Tenez le voilà qui s'élève avec sa proie morte!