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The wine employed comes from vineyards in the vicinity of Heilbronn, and others in the Rheingau and the Grand Duchy of Baden, and is more or less a blend of the clevener, traminer, rulander, riesling, and elbling varieties of grape.
The prevalent vines in the Würzburg district are the riesling, the traminer, the elbling, and the rulander, or pineau gris.
At Voslau, in the vicinity of the picturesque and fashionable summer watering-place of Baden, about twenty miles south of Vienna, Herr R. Schlumberger, one of my colleagues on the wine jury at the Vienna and Paris Exhibitions of 1873 and ’8, makes a white sparkling Voslauer-introduced into England some years since-from the blue portuguese, the burgundy (the pineau noir), the rulander (the pineau gris), and the riesling varieties of grape.
The produce of several other grapes, however, enters in a limited degree into the blend, including the riesling, the rulander or pineau gris, and the portuguese, the gathering of which is usually delayed several weeks later, and is sometimes even deferred until the end of November.

Examples of Rulander

Example #1
The vintage takes place in October, and the bottling of the wine is effected during the following summer.
Example #2
The establishment of G. C. Kessler and Co. at Esslingen-formerly one of the most important of the free imperial cities, and picturesquely situated on the Neckar-was founded as far back as 1826, and claims to be the oldest sparkling wine factory in Germany.
Example #3
The first sparkling wine establishment at Würzburg was founded in 1842 by Herr Oppmann, the Royal cellar-master, who died in 1866.
Example #4
An altogether inferior growth is produced on the hill to the north, known as the Middle Stein, and also in the Harfe vineyard, situated in the rear of the latter.
Example #5
It is, however, at Graz, the capital of Styria, picturesquely situated on the river Mur, and surrounded by lofty mountains, where sparkling wines are made upon the largest scale and with the most success.
Example #6
Sparkling wines are made in various parts of Austria and Hungary, and of late years their produce has been largely on the increase.