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How to use rule-to in a sentence. Rule-to pronunciation.

He may rule-to what end?
Then somehow her childish thoughts all seemed to run to Home Rule-to love of Ireland and hatred of England-to thinking all that was good of Irishmen and all that was bad of Englishmen.
He would expect me always to rule-to guide-and I have no taste whatever for the office.
However, it doesn't matter, so long as Missus and servant go by one rule-TO MAKE ALLOWANCES, AND NOT EXPECT MORE FROM PEOPLE THAN WHAT THEY'VE HAD OPPORTUNITY FOR; and, above all, never to be cocky when all the advantage is on their own side.
And such was his father's empire over him that he was almost ready on Gladstone's behalf to adopt an apologetic and slightly shamed attitude to his father concerning this madness of Home Rule-to admit by his self-conscious blushes that it was madness.

Examples of Rule-to

Example #1
If he rules it for his own personal ends-merely to fill his granaries, and lay up gold-he rules it for miserliness, with a sort of thrift that is as passing in inheritance as the flying April rain.
Example #2
It has upon it trees, streams, woodland, and meadow-land.
Example #3
Those memories were very clear in little Peg's mind.
Example #4
It eased his mind to talk to the child of Angela and always he pictured her as the poet writes in verse of the passion of his life: as the painter puts on canvas the features that make life worth the living for him.
Example #5
Malone's coming and company were, it may be, most unwelcome to him.
Example #6
And it perhaps rather agreed with Moore's temperament than otherwise to be generally hated, especially when he believed the thing for which he was hated a right and an expedient thing; and it was with a sense of warlike excitement he, on this night, sat in his counting-house waiting the arrival of his frame-laden wagons.