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Once on a time the peninsula was colonized by folk who sailed in through the Straits of Gibraltar from Ruta and Daitya, those island fragments of Atlantis; and (says Madame Blavatsky) you should have found a pocket of these colonists surviving in Latium, strong enough for the most part to keep the waves of invaders to the north of them, and the refugees to the high Apennines.
As they began to decline, certain small Italian cities that had been part of their empire broke away and freed themselves; particularly in Latium, where lived the descendants of those old-time colonists from Ruta and Daitya,-priding themselves still on their ancient descent, and holding themselves Patricians or nobles, with a serf population of conquered Italians to look down upon.
Some king's son from Ruta or Daitya, who came in his lordly Atlantean ships, and builded a city on the Tiber?
Very likely, again;-I mean, very likely both that and the king's son from Ruta or Daitya.

Examples of Rutum

Example #1
Another relic of them you would have found, probably, driven down into the far south; and such a relic, I understand, the Iapygians were.
Example #2
Who were the earliest Italians?
Example #3
Their power was at its height about 600 B.C.
Example #4
According to their own account of it, they were destined to endure as a distinct people for about nine centuries; which is probably what they did.
Example #5
That would be, at the very least, as far back as nine or ten thousand B.C.; which is contemptibly modern, when you think of the hundred and sixty thousand years of our present sub-race.
Example #6
It was not even a tradition, at that time; but the essence of a tradition that remained as a sense of high destinies.