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The larger boat pulled six oars, and seven men, besides the mate Rynders, were selected to go in her.
But," thought the captain, "Rynders may be back before that, and, on the other hand, a family of jaguars might scent us out to-night.
Ralph had made a flag which he could wave from a high point near by, in case he should see a sail, for it would be a great misfortune should Mr. Rynders pass them without knowing it.
Rynders may come back before the Rackbirds discover us, and even if two or three of them find out our retreat, I may be able to dispose of them, and thus give us a little more time.
Those men are bound to come here sooner or later, and everything depends upon the return of Rynders.
If I thought I could keep them off until Rynders gets here, I almost wish they would then come.
Suppose the Rackbirds had lured Rynders and his men on shore?
If he could get out of that great gap, he might find some way of climbing out over the top of the rocks and get to the place where his flag was, and then, if he saw Mr. Rynders coming, he could wave it.
In fact, the only real hope they had was founded on the early return of Rynders-that is, if Rynders and his men were living.
Now that our danger is past, I suppose the best thing for us is to stay here in quiet and thankfulness, and wait for Mr. Rynders.
Perhaps, if Mr. Rynders doesn't turn up pretty soon, we will all make a trip down there.
When they were left alone, Edna said to Mrs. Cliff, "Let us go over there to that shady rock, where we can look out for a ship with Mr. Rynders in it, and let us talk about our neighbors in America.
He actually feared the return of Rynders and his men!
Moreover, when Rynders and his men came back, they would come to rare good fortune, for there was enough gold for all of them.
But, in spite of these reasonable conclusions, the captain was afraid that Rynders and his men would return.
Three of them longed for the return of Rynders, but the other one steadily hoped that they might get away before his men came back.
Day by day he had thought that he would go and visit the Rackbirds' storehouse and the neighborhood thereabout, but day by day he had been afraid that in his absence Rynders might arrive, and when he came he wanted to be there to meet him.
He could have taken on board not only his own party, but a large portion of the treasure, and could have sailed away as free as a bird, without reference to the return of Rynders and his men.
A note tied to a pole set up in a conspicuous place on the beach would have informed Mr. Rynders of their escape from the place, and it was not likely that any of the party would have thought it worth while to go farther on shore.
That pile of fragments was telling him a tale which gradually became plainer and plainer to him, and which he believed as if Rynders himself had been telling it to him.

Examples of Rynder

Example #1
As soon as she could be made ready she was launched and started southward on her voyage of discovery, the mate having first taken such good observation of the landmarks that he felt sure he would have no difficulty in finding the spot where he left his companions.
Example #2
When volunteers were called for, it astonished the captain to see how many of the sailors desired to go.
Example #3
They might well be thankful for such a good place as this in which to await the arrival of succor, if succor came before their water gave out.
Example #4
It might be days yet before the mate returned,-he knew the probable difficulties of obtaining a vessel, even when a port should be reached,-but they would be safe here from the attacks of ferocious animals, principally to be feared in the night.
Example #5
To the captain, however, came a new and terrible anxiety.
Example #6
The next day was passed rather wearily by most of the party in looking out for signs of a vessel with the returning mate.