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The Theban “Sacred Band” was overpowered and broken by its tremendous force, much increased by the long pikes which projected in front of the foremost soldiers.
The former, the “Sacred Book” of the Quiches, a document of the highest merits, and which will certainly increase in importance as it is studied, was printed at Paris in 1861, with a translation into French by the Abbé Brasseur (de Bourbourg).
It was only the rubric which was allowed to be written in Semitic; the hymns and most of the prayers were in what had come to be termed “the pure” or “sacred language” of the Sumerians.
He was interred in the chapel yard, a large stone on the west side marking his grave, while a tablet on the south wall, at the east end of the interior of the chapel bears this inscription, “Sacred to the memory of the Rev. John Pain, who was ordained Pastor over this church and congregation, Anno Domini 1821.

Examples of Sacred

Example #1
But the battle was not gained by the phalanx alone.
Example #2
The Macedonian phalanx, organized by Philip, was sixteen deep, with veteran soldiers in the front.
Example #3
He made use only of the types of the Latin alphabet; and both in this respect and in the fidelity of his translation, he has left much to be desired in the presentation of the work.
Example #4
Of those preserved, the _Popol Vuh_ or National Book of the Quiches, and the _Annals_ of the Cakchiquels, the latter published for the first time in this volume, are the most important known.
Example #5
They were, however, written in the old language of Sumer; like Latin in the Roman Catholic Church, that alone was considered worthy of being used in the service of the gods.
Example #6
The bulk of the hymns was of Sumerian origin, but many new hymns, chiefly in honor of the Sun-god, had been added to them in Semitic times.