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Definition of Saliency

  • Quality of being salient; hence, vigor.
  • the state of being salient

How to use saliency in a sentence. Saliency pronunciation.

But I was going to say, my neglect of your request will show you how little saliency is in my weeks and months.
We cannot flatter ourselves, therefore, that under equal laws and opportunities we have rubbed out the saliencies of human nature.

Examples of Saliency

Example #1
They are hardly distinguished in memory other than as a running web out of a loom, a bright stripe for day, a dark stripe for night, and, when it goes faster, even these run together into endless gray...
Example #2
For when we find out what Fate is, I suppose, the Sphinx and we are done for; and Sphinx, Oedipus, and world ought, by good rights, to roll down the steep into the sea.
Example #3
At a distance the mass of the Russian people seem as monotonous as their steppes and their commune villages, but the Russian novelists find characters in this mass perfectly individualized, and, indeed, give us the impression that all Russians are irregular polygons.
Example #4
And besides this, if one had the ability to draw to the life a single individual in the most homogeneous community, the product would be sufficiently startling.