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Definition of Sallowness

  • The quality or condition of being sallow.
  • a sickly yellowish skin color

How to use sallowness in a sentence. Sallowness pronunciation.

M. Gaston was arrayed in a light gray suit and wore a violet tie of very chaste design; his complexion had assumed a quality of sallowness, and the pupils of his eyes had acquired (as on the occasion of his visit to the chambers of Sir Brian Malpas) a chatoyant quality; they alternately dilated and contracted in a most remarkable manner-in a manner which attracted the immediate attention of Mr. Gianapolis.
Here he rectified the sallowness of his complexion, which was due, not to outraged nature, but to the arts of make-up.
The wholesome colour of his cheeks had changed almost to sallowness those who met him in Dunfield looked at him with surprise and asked what illness he had been suffering.
Thus museful rode the Tyrant, princely plumed, To his high seat upon the sacred rock: And Solon, blank beside his rule, resumed The meditation which that passing mock Had buffeted awhile to sallowness.
She rested her fingers almost affectionately on Drexley's shoulder, and the new flush of colour in his cheeks faded into sallowness at her touch.
For her dark sallowness, for her wilful mastery, he had only had a passing fancy.
A remembrance of the impression came to her now as she studied his face, upon which imperceptibly and yet relentlessly his vice was setting its mark-in the dull restlessness of eye, the unhealthy sallowness of skin.
The change is most marked in regions once noted for leanness, angularity, and sallowness of complexion, but throughout the country the types of physical manhood are more numerous; and if women of rare and exceptional beauty are not more numerous, no doubt the average of comeliness and beauty has been raised.
Aunt Melissa, her sister, five years the senior, was tall and strong, but her paleness had long been unhealthily tinted with sallowness.
The sallowness of his complexion was emphasized by his almost jet black hair and dark eyes.
The poor man's sallowness had become almost livid, and in half-sobbing words he exclaimed-'Is it so?
The skin was yellow, but stretched so firm and hard on the cheek bones that the sallowness did not look unhealthy.
What he in green thought of Don Quixote of La Mancha was that a man of that sort and shape he had never yet seen; he marvelled at the length of his hair, his lofty stature, the lankness and sallowness of his countenance, his armour, his bearing and his gravity-a figure and picture such as had not been seen in those regions for many a long day.
His sallowness was peculiar and ghastly-It was partly that of disease, and partly of something worse; and it was this something that accounted also for his shrunken muscles and manifest feebleness.

Examples of Sallowness

Example #1
M. Gaston rose to greet his visitor.
Example #2
I perceive how grievously you suffer; and you have been denied that panacea which beneficent nature designed for the service of mankind.
Example #3
His dilated pupils (a phenomenon traceable to drops of belladonna) he was compelled to suffer for the present; but since their condition tended temporarily to impair his sight, he determined to remain in his room until the time for the appointment with Gianapolis.
Example #4
He avoided the lift and ascended the many stairs to his small apartment.
Example #5
At the mill, they did not welcome his re-appearance; his temper was worse than it had been since the ever-memorable week which witnessed his prosecution for assault and battery.
Example #6
IX CIRCUMSTANCE Dagworthy was absent not quite a fortnight, and he returned looking anything but the better for his holiday.