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How to use sanna in a sentence. Sanna pronunciation.

Even sud they stummle, they sanna fa'.
This country consists of a large city (Chibri), and several small villages, some fifty or sixty; two are here mentioned, Gomer and Sanna.
A Cameronian's principles never came atween him an' his purse, nor sanna in the present case; for, as I canna bide to make you out a leear, I'll thank you for my wages.
Articles about the Kellgren treatment (Sanna, Sweden) (unpublished).

Examples of Sanna

Example #1
His father went to the bed-side, and saw at a glance that the boy was better.
Example #2
He told him what the doctor had decreed.
Example #3
These two countries of Gouber and Maradee are now in alliance against the Sultan of Sakkatou, i.e. of the Fellatahs, and mutually inflict razzias upon one another.
Example #4
Tesaoua is in close connexion with these ancient Kohlan countries, and is, indeed, a province of Maradee.
Example #5
Man mind yoursel is the first commandment.
Example #6
The Cameronian then turns out to be a civil man, an' canna bide to make the man baith a feele an' liar at the same time, afore a' his associates; an' therefore he pits his principles aff at the side, to be kind o' sleepin' partner, as it war, an' brings up his good breeding to stand at the counter: he pockets the money, gies the Galloway drover time o' day, an' comes his way.