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A strange old herbalist and snake-killer with a skin cap first whetted his appetite for the captivating confidences of roadside vagrants, and the acquaintanceship serves as an introduction to the scene of the gipsy encampment, where the young Sapengro or serpent charmer was first claimed as brother by Jasper Petulengro.
Thus we have sapengro, lavengro, and sherengro, head man.
Jasper laughs at the Sapengro and Lavengro and horse-witch because he lacks two things, "mother sense and gentle Rommany," and he has something to do with teaching Borrow the Gypsy tongue and Gypsy ways, and the "mother sense" of shifting for himself.

Examples of Sapengro

Example #1
The picture of the encampment may serve as an example of Borrovian prose, nervous, unembarrassed, and graphic.
Example #2
After _Robinson Crusoe_ there played across the disk of his youthful memory a number of weird and hairy figures never to be effaced.
Example #3
Engro is apparently akin to the English suffix monger, and with it may be compared the Anglo-Saxon suffix smith, in such words as lore- smith or war-smith (warrior).
Example #4
All these families have gypsy names, which seem, however, to be little more than attempts at translation of the English ones.
Example #5
In return he teaches Mrs. Chikno's child to say his prayers in Rommany.
Example #6
He and Borrow meet and shake hands as "brothers" when they are little boys.