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Definition of Sapphic

  • Of or pertaining to Sappho, the Grecian poetess; as, Sapphic odes; Sapphic verse.
  • Belonging to, or in the manner of, Sappho; -- said of a certain kind of verse reputed to have been invented by Sappho, consisting of five feet, of which the first, fourth, and fifth are trochees, the second is a spondee, and the third a dactyl.
  • A Sapphic verse.

How to use sapphic in a sentence. Sapphic pronunciation.

To have that poet's head and shoulders, I would almost have written his Sapphics.
He is not a mere teacher of hexameters and sapphics.
Here happy Horace tuned the Ausonian lyre To sweeter sounds, and temper'd Pindar's fire: Pleased with Alcaeus' manly rage t' infuse The softer spirit of the Sapphic Muse.
After the hexameter the most frequently imitated metre is the Sapphic strophe.
Swinburne's Sapphics in Poems and Ballads are the best known; but though they are finely musical they do not pretend to give more than an echo of the Greek music.
Stonyhurst and others had tried their hands at hexameter translations from the Latin and Greek epics, which seem to have been doggerel enough; and ever and anon some youthful wit broke out in iambics, sapphics, elegiacs, and what not, to the great detriment of the queen's English and her subjects' ears.
The softer spirit of the Sapphic Muse.

Examples of Sapphic

Example #1
First published, _New Monthly Magazine_, 1832 549 Ode to a Lady whose Lover was killed by a Ball, which at the same time shivered a portrait next his heart.
Example #2
First published, _Conversations of Lord Byron_, 1824 555 Stanzas written on the Road between Florence and Pisa.
Example #3
He walked up to him, and attempted to take his hand, but Kenelm snatched it scornfully from his grasp. "Poor friend," said Melville, sadly and soothingly, "I did not think you loved her thus deeply.
Example #4
His learning embraces all literature, ancient and modern.
Example #5
The polish'd pillar different sculptures grace; A work outlasting monumental brass.
Example #6
The youths hang o'er their chariots as they run; The fiery steeds seem starting from the stone; The champions in distorted postures threat; 220 And all appear'd irregularly great.