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A. Persii Flacci, D. Iunii Iuvenalis, Sulpiciae Saturae; recognovit Otto Iahn.
Franciscus Buecheler: adiectae sunt Varronis et Senecae Saturae similesque Reliquiae.
But of course I made no answer, and presently I supposed that he must have crept off to his clothes, for some way up the stream I heard the Second Master's voice warning the bathers to dress and return, and with his usual formula, _Ite domum saturae, venit Hesperus, ite capelloe!
In the introduction to her translations of the _Amphitruo_, _Rudens_ and _Epidicus_ (issued in 1683), she apologizes for Plautus on the ground that he had to win approval for his comedies from an audience used to the ribaldry of the _Saturae_.

Examples of Saturae

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Editio altera curam agente Francisco Buecheler.
Example #2
C. Suetoni Tranquilli quae Supersunt Omnia: recensuit Carolus L. Roth.
Example #3
M. Valerii Martialis Epigrammaton libri: recognovit Walther Gilbert.
Example #4
A. Gellii Noctium Atticarum libri XX: edidit Carolus Hosius.
Example #5
Being short-sighted, he missed to spy me, and I felt, rather than saw or heard, him pass on; for with one hand I yet shaded my eyes while with the other I tickled.
Example #6
Experience, perhaps, had taught him to despise them; at any rate, when gently-very gently-I lowered my hand and began to tickle, he showed neither alarm nor resentment.