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How to use saved-and in a sentence. Saved-and pronunciation.

Out of the vast wreckage of nations, now imminent, only a few individuals can be saved,-and the storm is so close at hand that one can almost hear the mutterings of the thunder!
Very well, I thought, you must be saved-and that was how I came to devise a way out of the difficulty- Mrs. Linde.
Fortunately, as I think that I have said, by far the greater part of our personal baggage had been packed into the whaleboat, and was therefore saved-and brought hither by the bearers-although all the stores laid in by us for barter and presents to the natives was lost.
If I waited-and saved-and married Ross-what becomes of _you,_ I'd like to know?
Isaiah, however, called to God to save his nation-if the nation would be saved-and did not wait for an invitation from the young king.

Examples of Saved-and

Example #1
But why should I or you or anyone else think about it?
Example #2
We sat silent; no one had any comment to offer.
Example #3
And did your husband never get to know from your father that the money had not come from him?
Example #4
He said I was thoughtless, and that it was his duty as my husband not to indulge me in my whims and caprices-as I believe he called them.
Example #5
Nearly all our clothing was made of a well-shrunk and very strong grey flannel, and excellent I found it for travelling in these places, because though a Norfolk jacket, shirt, and pair of trousers of it only weighed about four pounds, a great consideration in a tropical country, where every extra ounce tells on the wearer, it was warm, and offered a good resistance to the rays of the sun, and best of all to chills, which are so apt to result from sudden changes of temperature.
Example #6
XII "SHE" The first care of Job and myself, after seeing to Leo, was to wash ourselves and put on clean clothing, for what we were wearing had not been changed since the loss of the dhow.