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How to use saw-but in a sentence. Saw-but pronunciation.

Far and near all was still-and the eye could see very far, though it could not distinguish much of what it saw-but underneath that very stillness a young and flowering life made itself felt.
This staring announcement so alarmed him that he not only abandoned the plan for a ring-any sort of ring might be misconstrued, he saw-but in an excess of caution chose another establishment not so outspoken.
I also saw-but beyond aim-a giant petrel; its dimensions were truly astonishing.
They saw-but knew no more.

Examples of Saw-but

Example #1
Lavretsky's horse walked on vigorously, swinging itself steadily to right and left.
Example #2
All that spread around him seemed so wonderfully strange, and yet at the same time so well known and so dear.
Example #3
If it kept wedding rings at all, it was decently reticent about them, and it did keep a profusion of other trinkets about which a possible recipient could entertain no false notions.
Example #4
He thought first of a ring, but across the blank brick wall of the jewellery shop he elected to patronize was an enormous sign in white: The House of Lucky Wedding Rings.
Example #5
This was one of those called “quebrantahnesos” by the Spaniards.
Example #6
The birds which we saw, and which came from every point of the horizon, were those I have already mentioned, petrels, divers, halcyons, and pigeons in countless flocks.