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How to use sawlike in a sentence. Sawlike pronunciation.

It was a frightful mouth, armed with huge rows of sawlike teeth, and although they knew the brute was dead the boys could not repress a shudder as they looked at it.
Neither Yamba nor I waited for the coming impact, but threw ourselves overboard just as the creature's white sawlike weapon showed itself close to the surface only a few yards away.
The female usually has an ovipositor containing a pair of sawlike organs with which she makes incisions in the leaves or stems of plants in which to lay the eggs.

Examples of Sawlike

Example #1
It was quite an undertaking, but by distributing themselves along the body, using their implements as levers and all heaving at a given signal, they finally succeeded.
Example #2
I want to have a good look at that mouth of his," remarked Fred.
Example #3
We heard a crash, and then, looking backward as we swam, saw that the long snout of the fish had actually pierced both sides of the canoe, whilst his body was evidently entangled in the meshes of the net.
Example #4
No sooner had we done this than the invisible monster charged down upon us, making a tremendous commotion in the water.
Example #5
They have a sharklike form, but are more nearly allied to the rays.
Example #6
The dusky shark (Carcharhinus obscurus), and the smaller blue shark (C. caudatus), both common species on the coast of the United States, are of moderate size and not dangerous.