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The illustration given here of a repast in the house of Sallust, represents the host and his eight male guests reclining on the seats of the period, each of which held three persons, and was called a triclinium, making up the favorite number of a Roman dinner party, and possibly giving us the proverbial saying-"Not less than the Graces nor more than the Muses"-which is still held to be a popular regulation for a dinner party.
In such elemental moments the frail conventions are swept away: Mr. Bentley, whoever he might be, was no longer a stranger; and it seemed wholly natural to be walking with him up the street, to hear him saying,-not with perfunctory politeness but in a tone that was itself an invitation,-"With pleasure, sir, we'll go together.
Lo many a time, in face of both of you, I have spoken thus, I that am not a man of many words, saying,-"Not thus, dear friends, does it become heroes to woo their wives, wives that already have bridegrooms betrothed.
I couldn't make out if they were not rather blue after all-large, changeable sort of eyes, long lashes; eyes that look at you seriously and steadily, without the least bit of coquetry or worldliness; eyes expressing simplicity and interest in what you are saying-not in you, but in what you are saying.

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Example #1
It resembles the woods which we know as tuyere and amboyna.[2] Roman, like Greek houses, were divided into two portions-the front for reception of guests and the duties of society, with the back for household purposes, and the occupation of the wife and family; for although the position of the Roman wife was superior to that of her Greek contemporary, which was little better than that of a slave, still it was very different to its later development.
Example #2
Dr. Edward Clapton, of St. Thomas' Hospital, who has made a collection of woods named in the Scriptures, has managed to secure a specimen of thyine, which a friend of his obtained on the Atlas Mountains.
Example #3
And let us trust that the doctor will be at home.
Example #4
It was not until later reflection that he realized Mr. Bentley might, by an intuitive sympathy, a depth of understanding, have drained something of his state, since the incidents which followed were to be accounted for on no other grounds.
Example #5
Lo Sparta is wide, and wide is Elis, a land of chariots and horses, and Arcadia rich in sheep, and there are the citadels of the Achaeans, and Messenia, and Argos, and all the sea-coast of Sisyphus.
Example #6
And ye did not well, in that to win the wives of others ye perverted him with gifts of oxen, and mules, and other wealth, and so won wedlock by bribes.