Scalpin in a sentence

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How to use scalpin in a sentence. Scalpin pronunciation.

He got hold of his double-barrelled gun, an' stuck a scalpin' knife an' an axe in his belt.
I_ never expected to see such sights-soldiers paradin', and cowboys a-ridin', and houses a-burnin', and Indians scalpin' 'em!
An Indian scalpin' a house is enough to make anybody holler.

Examples of Scalpin

Example #1
All this time the redskins were yellin' round the house like fiends, an' batterin' the door, so that it was clear it couldn't stand long.
Example #2
Before they could reload-for the stupid fools had all fired together-I had the door up, and a heavy table shoved agin it.
Example #3
She had been to the theater once already since her arrival, and to the moving picture show three times.
Example #4
Azuba was brimming over with the novelty of city life.
Example #5
They scalped the folks IN the house.
Example #6
That is, they would have scalped 'em, only along come the cowboys wavin' pistols and hurrahin'-" "Could you hear 'em hurrah?