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How to use scanted in a sentence. Scanted pronunciation.

Being rich in both, he never scanted 55 His bounty unto such as wanted; But much of either would afford To many, that had not one word.
On the first of August the winde scanted, and from thence forward we had very fowl weather with much raine, thundering, and great spouts, which fell round about vs nigh vnto our ships.
And because they were thus scanted of flesh, when sixe hundred men that went with Soto, came to any towne, and found 30. or 40.
She had had no chance to bring up these arrears until now, and she atoned to herself for the delay by making the history very full, and going back and adding touches at any point where she thought she had scanted it.
Because it is a blessing that hee bestowes on beasts, and what he hath scanted them in haire, hee hath giuen them in wit Ant.

Examples of Scanted

Example #1
And truly so, he was, perhaps, Not as a proselyte, but for claps.
Example #2
As being loth to wear it out, And therefore bore it not about, Unless on holy-days, or so, As men their best apparel do.
Example #3
The 3 we stoode againe in for the shore, and at midday we tooke the height of the same.
Example #4
The 31 our three ships were clearely disbocked, the great prize, the Admirall, and the Mooneshine, but our prize being thus disbocked departed from vs without taking leaue of our Admirall or consort, and sayled directly for England.
Example #5
Our departure grieued and displeased them very much, for they followed vs along the riuer as farre as they could: we went so fast that on Munday being the fourth of October wee came where our Pinnesse was.
Example #6
So soone as we came to our boates we hoysed saile to goe toward our Pinnesse, doubting of some mischance.