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DIEDERIC VAN ASSENEDE en zoo menig ander hoofsch dichter van vroegeren tijd is POTTER het eens, dat geen recht begrip van liefde kan wonen in "rude menschen van grover aert": boeren, visschers, slagers, smeden, spitters en delvers, monniken, schippers en allerlei ambachtslui zijn nooit door de liefde ten verderve gevoerd.
In lieu of a formal bibliography, I think it sufficient (in addition to the footnotes that occur in their proper place) to refer the reader to the larger works of Schipper and Saintsbury, to the smaller volumes of Professor Perry and Professor R. M. Alden, and particularly to Mr. T. S. Omond's English Metrists, 1921.
For complete lists and examples of all the various | | stanzaic forms, the larger works of Alden and Schipper | | should be consulted.

Examples of Schipper

Example #1
Overal houdt hij in zijn werk de eer hoog.
Example #2
Eene herinnering aan HILDEGAERSBERCH vinden wij misschien in POTTER'S klacht over zijn vijand "die avontuyer", die hem in de minne altijd ongunstig was geweest.
Example #3
On the other hand, I owe a very great deal, both directly and indirectly, to Professor Bliss Perry-although my manuscript was finished before I saw his Study of Poetry; and this debt I wish to acknowledge most fully and gratefully.
Example #4
I have consulted and used, of course, all the books and articles I could find that had anything of value to offer; but I have rarely cited them, not because I wish to conceal my indebtedness, but because there is no room for elaborate documentation in such a book as this.
Example #5
The ballad stanza, with its frequent variations of internal rime and additional verses is excellently illustrated by Coleridge's Ancient Mariner.
Example #6
Similar is Tennyson's Sir Galahad, a 12-line stanza of three quatrains, _a^{4}b^{3}a^{4}b^{3}cdc^{4}d^{3}efgf^{4}_.