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The instructive writer Hagenbach, professor there, belongs to the “mediation school” of theology, and is a worthy representative of its learned and devout spirit.
Accordingly it will be understood that the mention of “the old Tübingen school” of the last century denotes a Pietist school like that of Bengel or Pfaff; the mention of “the new Tübingen school” means one of ultra-rationalism.
In many respects it resembles the “Mediation school” of Germany, described in Lectures VI and VII, and the modern school of the French protestant church, described in p. 304, and in Note 46, p. 448.

Examples of School

Example #1
Zurich possessed a teacher, Usteri, belonging to the school of Schleiermacher; and others, whose tone rather resembled that of the critical school of De Wette, or of the Tübingen school.
Example #2
Its character, however, expressed the more orthodox and moderate views of his later years.
Example #3
God’s gift of His son is accordingly, in their view, to reconcile man to God; to remove the obstacle of distrust which prevented man from coming to God, by showing forth the love which God already bore to the world; not to remove obstacles, known or unknown, which prevented God from showing mercy to man.
Example #4
They accept the superhuman, perhaps the divine, character of Christ; but they consider his life to be a mere example of unrivalled teaching, and of marvellous self-sacrifice; his death the mere martyrdom that formed the crowning act of majestic self-devotion.
Example #5
Its modern form arises at the time of the Reformation. 1.
Example #6
In the middle ages the tendency may be considered to be mainly represented by Mahometanism, and hardly exists at all in the Christian church.