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The sight of holiday-making school-children, who, in their ribboned hats and white pinafores, were having tea not far away, suggested to Louise that she also would like such refreshment.
I am a rest to the weary laborer, and a delight to school-children, who greet me with a shout of welcome.
And I have to give the creature tea when father's away, to clear up after him as though he were a school-child.
Let him only leave her alone; she was not a school-child to be meddled with; that he would find out.
The Carisbury ringers came over after all; and Mrs Parkyn bore their advent with less misgiving, in the hope that directly Lord Blandamer heard of the honour that was done him, he would send a handsome donation for the ringers as he had already sent to the workhouse, and the old folk, and the school-children of Cullerne.
At the appearance of the comet of 1618, Grasser and Gross, pastors and doctors of theology at Basle, put forth a collection of doggerel rhymes to fasten the orthodox theory into the minds of school-children and peasants.
No," said Mildred, like a primary school-child before a formidable teacher.
At noon the school-children, the teachers, and a few people hurrying to the post-office for their mail lent a fleeting appearance of life to the streets.
A few of the muscles only, and none of the higher faculties of observation, inquiry and judgment come into play at all, until, at the end of two years the brightest school-children have perceptibly lost ground in all these directions.
While we sulk the universe is at a standstill. Spelling and arithmetic, history, etymology, and geography, are not tasks set over school-children by a hard taskmaster, who keeps them from sunshine and out-of-door play.
She pretended to have merely stopped on her way up to see Mrs. Durgin, and she did not venture any comment on the painting; but, when Westover asked something about her school, she answered him promptly enough as to the number and ages and sexes of the school-children.
Whilst the subject is considered shameful and sinful we shall have no systematic instruction in sexual hygiene, because such lectures as are given in Germany, France, and even prudish America (where the great Miltonic tradition in this matter still lives) will be considered a corruption of that youthful innocence which now subsists on nasty stories and whispered traditions handed down from generation to generation of school-children: stories and traditions which conceal nothing of sex but its dignity, its honor, its sacredness, its rank as the first necessity of society and the deepest concern of the nation.
Dora said, 'It would be a noble action to have all the school-children from the village and give them tea and games in the paddock.
The village children listened attentively, and the Dryad no less attentively; she became a school-child with the rest.
They were to be seen any day trailing along the plantation paths which the school-children took from the district, the others in a clump, and the tall boy and little calico-clad girl, who seemed in summer mainly sun-bonnet and bare legs, either following or going before the others at some distance.
He became reminiscential, and singling out a school-child here and there, discoursed of their grandparents, even of their great-grandparents; recalled himself to pay a series of graceful tributes to all who had contributed to make the day a success; and wound up by regretting that he could not stay for the fireworks.
Besides herself the congregation consisted only of the parson, clerk, school-children, and three old people living on alms, who sat under the reading-desk; and thus, when Mr. Torkingham blazed forth the denunciatory sentences of the Commination, nearly the whole force of them seemed to descend upon her own shoulders.
Doesn't it sound as if we were talking of the quarrel of two school-children?
They were going to make universal military service the rule in America; they were going to see to it that every school-child learned the military lessons of obedience and subordination.
Mrs. Lupin was among village school-children; Mrs. Chump had gone to London to see whether anything was known of Mr. Pole at his office, where she fell upon the youth Braintop, and made him her own for the day.

Examples of School-child

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Doubtless it might be procured at the inn yonder, near the racecourse, and thither she began to move.
Example #2
The sun had grown less ardent, and a breeze, no longer fitful, made walking pleasant.
Example #3
I aid in construction and consolation-indeed, they could not exist without me; and although they break me to pieces, I am never in bad temper.
Example #4
I am as old as the sun, and he could not possibly fulfill his daily course without me.
Example #5
A little while after a bell rang, and the man-servant who answered it presently took some brandy into the consulting-room.
Example #6
Then he came back to David.