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Definition of Schoolchild

  • a young person attending school (up through senior high school)

How to use schoolchild in a sentence. Schoolchild pronunciation.

And while to be a noted stylist, and even to be reasonably sure of annotated reissuement for the plaguing of unborn schoolchildren, was all well enough, in an unimportant, high-minded way, Patricia was far more vividly impressed by the blunt figures which told how many of John Charteris's books had been bought and paid for.
Since the rolling earth motions in 1923 devastated much of Tokyo, schoolchildren and households nationwide practiced earthquake preparedness and were reasonably expectant of another major tremor at any time.
He had loved Rose when they were schoolchildren together, but his passion had now reached such proportions that he deeply resented the fact that his school-hoy love had been so careless and shallow a feeling.
The schoolchildren were disporting there; there were some older couples sentimentally gathering flowers side by side.
He was fond of playing with children, and never was so happy as when he yearly collected the schoolchildren of Paramatta on his lawn, for a feast and games after it.

Examples of Schoolchild

Example #1
She accepted these figures as his publishers gave them forth, implicitly; and she marveled over and took odd joy in these figures.
Example #2
Patricia very heartily admired success when it was brevetted as such by the applause of others.
Example #3
But the combination of light from 10,000 suns and the deafening roar gave those who survived the blast reason to wish they had- n't.
Example #4
The first sensation of motion in the steel reinforced building came long seconds after the blinding light.
Example #5
Now that circumstances had placed her beyond his reach, he regretted that his youthful love experience was not worthier of the place it held in his remembrance.
Example #6
But he never thought of Rose Gaither without a sense of deepest humiliation.