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Her cheeks flushed and her eyes flashed fire, as lifting from the desk a heavy package, she threw it down with violence, exclaiming: "Has that Schrotter been printing another absurd pamphlet, braying to the world of our rights to Bavaria?
The private secretary had scarcely left the room, when the page reentered, announcing Counsellor von Schrotter.
The message of the empress had been received by Counsellor von Schrotter with rapture.
Von Schrotter read: "The rights and measures of her imperial, royal, and apostolic majesty in reference to the Bavarian succession.
But seeing that Von Schrotter's lips were parted as if in an attempt to say something, she snatched her bell, and rang it so loud that in its clang his words were lost.
Von Schrotter gasped out a convulsive sigh, and scarcely knowing what he did, turned one last sad look upon his cruel sovereign, and bowing his head, left the room.
Whilst the empress was praying, Von Schrotter returned to the home, which an hour sooner, he had left with a heart so full of hope and ecstasy.

Examples of Schrotter

Example #1
I must stop that man's mouth, and teach him discretion!
Example #2
He turned away, sick at heart.
Example #3
Six fearful weeks had gone by-six weeks of anxiety, suspense, and care, not only for the imperial family, but for all Austria.
Example #4
It was hurriedly wrapped up in a linen cloth, and coffined.
Example #5
At last the danger passed away.
Example #6
Deputations were sent to Vienna, sympathizing with the emperor, and the avenues to the palace were thronged with thousands of anxious faces, each waiting eagerly for the bulletins that came out four times a day.