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By return of post thanks and greetings to my dear M. Your proposal as to Schütz is excellent.
A Cheruscan countryman, personally unknown to me, Schütz from Bielefeld, the Sanskritist, has asked, with antique confidence, for a bed for his young daughter, on her way to Liverpool as a governess, which we have promised him with real pleasure.
From Kant to Fichte.% To begin with the works which aided in the extension and recognition of the Kantian philosophy, besides Kant's _Prolegomena_, the following stand in the front rank: _Exposition of the Critique of Pure Reason_, by the Königsberg court preacher, Johannes Schulz, 1784; the flowing _Letters concerning the Kantian Philosophy_, by K.L. Reinhold in Wieland's _Deutscher Merkur_, 1786-87; and the _Allgemeine Litteraturzeitung_, in Jena, founded in 1785, and edited by the philologist Schütz and the jurist Hufeland, which offered itself as the organ of the new doctrine.

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Example #1
Let me know if I am to write to Humboldt.
Example #2
I draw a totally different lesson from your news of the loss of the Veda MS.
Example #3
This has again shown me how full Germany is of men of research and mind.
Example #4
I hope to secure the best duplicates for the Berlin Museum.
Example #5
Jena became the home and principal stronghold of Kantianism; while by the beginning of the nineteenth century almost all German chairs belonged to it, and the non-philosophical sciences as well received from it stimulation and guiding ideas.
Example #6
The thought which intervenes between the Kantian Critique of Reason and the development of thoroughgoing idealism by Fichte, with its criticisms of and additions to the former and its preparation for the latter, may be glanced at in a few supplementary pages.