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How to use schutzen in a sentence. Schutzen pronunciation.

They took the car out and drove to Schutzen Park and back.
For her husband, who, to judge from his wife's description, must have been quite a good fellow for a Hun, was in command of one of the "Schutzen" companies down near the Rufigi.
The German soldier, even a private in a white or Schutzen Kompanie, as distinct from the under-officer with an Askari regiment or Feld Kompanie, as it is called, has had at least eight porters to carry all his kit, his food, his bed, to have his food ready prepared at the halting-places, and his bed erected, and mosquito curtains hung.

Examples of Schutzen

Example #1
Bud opined that she didn't bark to suit him, and she had a knock in her cylinders that shouted of carbon.
Example #2
Bud went, glad of the excuse to kill the rest of the forenoon.
Example #3
He, too, had lived long in England to learn the ways of English shipping companies that would prove of such value to the Deutsch Ost-Afrika Line.
Example #4
Very proud was Elizabeth of her husband's Iron Cross that the Kaiser had sent by wireless only last week; news of which was told to her by a wounded prisoner just brought in.
Example #5
Only on night patrols has he run risk from the mosquito.
Example #6
That in all fairness he has not done so is due to the fact that we, as an invading army, were unable to look after ourselves or to care for ourselves in the same way as the German. We have had to carry kit and heavy ammunition, to sleep with only a ground sheet beneath us, through the tropic rains, to do without the shelter and protection of mosquito nets.