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Perhaps it is just fractiousness of an old man, but countless repetitions of such statements, in one form or another, have irritated me to the point of action-and before going further, let me say, for the benefit of my Zenian friends, that if they care to dig deeply enough into the archives, somewhere they will find a brief report of these adventures recorded in the log of one of my old ships, the _Ertak_, now scrapped and forgotten.
The caterwheel trucks were armored with silicone plastic, resistant to abrasion, but when they got back they had to be scrapped.
I advised then that they both be scrapped.

Examples of Scrapped

Example #1
Except, perhaps, by some few like myself, who knew and loved her when she was one of the newest and finest ships of the Service.
Example #2
I commanded the _Ertak_ during practically her entire active life.
Example #3
There had been men lost in sudden sand-squalls, and heroic searches for them, and once or twice rescues.
Example #4
A caterwheel expedition went out and brought the crew in.
Example #5
Their principle is entirely wrong.
Example #6
I made a report on these generators three years ago.