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How to use scream-she in a sentence. Scream-she pronunciation.

Mrs. Cliff gave a little scream,-she could not help it,-and Maka sank down on his knees, his back to the rock, and covered his face with his hands.
And yet now she could not scream-she could not move.
But she gave no scream-she only trembled.

Examples of Scream-she

Example #1
Ralph was the first to speak.
Example #2
From its wide-stretching mouth a bit of half-burnt vine hung, trembling in the heated air, and this element of motion produced the impression on several of the party that the creature was about to open its lips.
Example #3
The fastening is removed, and one-half of the window, which opens like folding doors, is swung wide open upon its hinges.
Example #4
A small pane of glass is broken, and the form from without introduces a long gaunt hand, which seems utterly destitute of flesh.
Example #5
He pushed her on to the entrance, and held her firmly in his grasp while he lifted the latch of the door.
Example #6
She thought every moment he was going to dash her before him on the ground.