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How to use screwed in a sentence. Screwed pronunciation.

Philip screwed up his courage.
He felt tears coming to his eyes, and he was angry with himself; he clenched his hands and screwed up his body to prevent them; but he could not; and great painful sobs were forced from him.
You have screwed a quarter of a million pounds out of Christian, Hindu, and Mohammedan here," mercilessly said the torturer.
The Honourable Adam screwed up his face and pulled his goatee thoughtfully.
Lo! poured in a thin gray cascade, The powder in the pan is laid, The sharp flint, screwed securely on, Is cocked once more.
Then you can look through her; the shell or bolt and the cartridge are pushed in, the solid breech-block is dropped in behind them, and the breech screwed up all tightly once again.
It was all simple enough till he came to the final part of his task, and attempted to lift out the breech-block, the quoin that when the breech was screwed up held all fast.
The carpenter screwed his face up into a very cunning smile.
Mrs. Lathrop screwed her face up thoughtfully, but was forced to screw it into a negation after all. "Seems funny 't father never spoke o' her after mother was so far past bein' jealous 's to be buried.
He saw a big red machine drive up to the corner and stop, and he saw a man climb out with camera already screwed, to the tripod.
With his snow-white new ivory leg braced against the screwed leg of his table, and with a long pruning-hook of a jack-knife in his hand, the wondrous old man, with his back to the gangway door, was wrinkling his brow, and tracing his old courses again.
By this time, Gerald and Pepper were armed with two slim painted woodstaffs, not unlike the wands of the Boy Scouts, but marked with figures, and having at one end a movable arm about two inches long that could be screwed fast at any point.
He had a great rod in his hand, with an iron point; and when they could plough and force their way through the loose bed of the torrent no longer, and came to a stop, he poked it into their bodies, beat it on their heads, screwed it round and round in their nostrils, got them on a yard or two, in the madness of intense pain; repeated all these persuasions, with increased intensity of purpose, when they stopped again; got them on, once more; forced and goaded them to an abrupter point of the descent; and when their writhing and smarting, and the weight behind them, bore them plunging down the precipice in a cloud of scattered water, whirled his rod above his head, and gave a great whoop and hallo, as if he had achieved something, and had no idea that they might shake him off, and blindly mash his brains upon the road, in the noontide of his triumph.
With the scantling the chief shored up the doors to the state-room occupied respectively at the time by the first and third assistant engineers; then he screwed the cleats into place at top and bottom, so the scantling could not slip.
As he turned the corner of the house he observed that the electric lamp which he had so carefully screwed out of its socket had been screwed in again, and by its light Terence beheld no less a person than Mr. Uhl cutting the halyards that bound the oiler.
As he crossed to the port side of the ship and gazed down the deck he noticed that the incandescent lamps had all been screwed back in their sockets, and by their brilliant light he beheld one of the firemen in the act of removing the scantling from before the first assistant's door.
Exel screwed the monocle into his right eye, and likewise surveyed the detective.
It took him a good fifteen minutes to get the helmet screwed on properly and to check everything else.
In graceful unison they removed their masks; three flushed and unusually pretty faces regarded the author of their being attentively-more attentively still when that round and ruddy gentleman, executing a facial contortion, screwed his monocle into an angry left eye and glared.
A brass faucet was screwed into the hole for a faucet.

Examples of Screwed

Example #1
It was like getting on the highest diving-board in a swimming-bath; it looked nothing from below, but when you got up there and stared down at the water your heart sank; and the only thing that forced you to dive was the shame of coming down meekly by the steps you had climbed up.
Example #2
He turned the handle softly and walked in.
Example #3
He got up at last, exhausted and ashamed, and washed his face.
Example #4
Then he threw himself on his bed and hid his face in his hands.
Example #5
I have not the money," he babbled.
Example #6
The jeweler groaned and swayed to and fro upon his seat in a mute agony.