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How to use sculp in a sentence. Sculp pronunciation.

The portals, especially the middle one, are extremely interesting; they are covered with curious early sculp- tures.
Above the portal, in the stonework, are two false win- dows, in which two figures, a man and a woman, ap- parently household servants, are represented, in sculp- ture, as looking down into the street.
This noble work, from the hand of Paul Dubois, one of the most interesting of that new generation of sculp- tors who have revived in France an art of which our overdressed century had begun to despair, has every merit but the absence of a certain prime feeling.
I speak as a man who for some reason which he doesn't remem- ber now, did not pay a visit to the celebrated Puits de Moise, an ancient cistern, embellished with a sculp- tured figure of the Hebrew lawgiver.

Examples of Sculp

Example #1
The middle one, however, I must describe alone.
Example #2
Above the porches, which give the measure of its width, the front rears itself, piles itself, on a great scale, carried up by gal- leries, arches, windows, sculptures, and supported by the extraordinarily thick buttresses of which I have spoken, and which, though they embellish it with deep shadows thrown sidewise, do not improve its style.
Example #3
The effect is homely, yet grotesque, and the figures are sufficiently living to make one commiserate them for having been condemned, in so dull a town, to spend several cen- turies at the window.
Example #4
To this street it presents two stories and a con- siderable length of facade; and it has, both within and without, a great deal of curious and beautiful detail.
Example #5
It is the echo of an earlier tune, - an echo with a beauti- ful cadence.
Example #6
Catholic Brittany has erected in the opposite transept a monument to one of the most devoted of her sons, General de Lamoriciere, the de- fender of the Pope, the vanquished of Castelfidardo.