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Definition of Sculp

  • To sculpture; to carve; to engrave.

How to use sculp in a sentence. Sculp pronunciation.

He wanted to paint, and he painted; he wanted to sculp in clay, and he sculped in clay; but all the time he was conscious it was the things he had seen and the life he had lived which made his painting and his sculpture worth while.
You paint, and you sculp, and what's the good of it all?
Carnac nodded, but the thought that he could not paint or sculp when he was on this work vexed him, and he only set his teeth to see it through.
I can tell ye, neighbours, the hair riz on my head, for I expected nothing better than a bloody sculp and six feet of earth....

Examples of Sculp

Example #1
It was absurd that a man of his great outdoor capacity should be the slave of a temperamental quality, and yet it was so.
Example #2
From a small child he had had it, and it grew with his years.
Example #3
Have you ever thought of that?
Example #4
You've no home; you've no wife; you've no children; you've no place.
Example #5
Then Carnac's time of work and trial began.
Example #6
I'd rather you ran my business well, than be Titian or Rembrandt, whoever they were.