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Definition of Sculpin

  • Any one of numerous species of marine cottoid fishes of the genus Cottus, or Acanthocottus, having a large head armed with several sharp spines, and a broad mouth. They are generally mottled with yellow, brown, and black. Several species are found on the Atlantic coasts of Europe and America.
  • A large cottoid market fish of California (Scorpænichthys marmoratus); -- called also bighead cabezon scorpion salpa.
  • The dragonet, or yellow sculpin, of Europe (Callionymus lyra).
  • any of numerous spiny large-headed usually scaleless scorpaenoid fishes with broad mouths

How to use sculpin in a sentence. Sculpin pronunciation.

A string of bait, consisting mainly of flounders and sculpins, was tied into each trap.
Sculpins, flounders, in fact almost any kind of fish, can be used.
Now the Sculpin (Cottus Virginianus) is a little water-beast which pretends to consider itself a fish, and, under that pretext, hangs about the piles upon which West-Boston Bridge is built, swallowing the bait and hook intended for flounders.
In the name of our common humanity, consider, too, what shifts our friends in the sculpin line (as we should call them in Chesumpscot) are put to for originality of design, and what the country has to pay for it.
One afternoon in August, when farmers had finished their wheat harvest, and were enjoying a few days of relaxation before seeding their fallows with winter grain, Simon Bogle came all in a hot hurry to the Justice, for a warrant against Jared Sculpin, and-"Are you certain," asked Fabens, after hearing his long and incoherent story, and learning the name of the accused neighbor, "are you certain that your log-chain was not mislaid, or dropped in some place where the leaves might have covered it?
Are you not wronging Mr. Sculpin, to charge him with the theft, unless some competent witness will say he saw him take it, or you can prove the chain found in his possession is yours, while he fails to show, in defence, that you did not lend it to him?
What you goin' to dew with Sculpin, eh?
Sculpin _may_ be sorry for this.
If he will, put Sculpin through a course of sprouts, and larn 'im better'n to hook log-chains.
I wish I'd never seen Sculpin, nor his little thievin' capers.
And then agin, why should I want to hurt Sculpin, or lay a straw in his way?
The next day Bogle came before the justice with evidence against Sculpin, which Fabens regretted to believe was but too well founded; and he issued a warrant, and a week from that day the action was brought to trial.
Did you notice Mr. Sculpin very particularly?
All I know about Sculpin is, one night I went down there, and we got to playin' cairds, and he acted green as a mess o' cowslops at fust, and then he cheated; and-O, I can't, I can't tell the story.
I wouldn't hurt Sculpin for the world.
Needless, indeed, were the task, if possible, to describe the sensation created by this amazing disclosure; and we may only add in conclusion, that the prisoner was convicted on other testimony; and after an earnest admonition from the justice, on the turpitude of crime and its dreadful miseries, Jared Sculpin was sentenced to give Simon Bogle one good day's work, and one good fleece of wool for his time lost in hunting the chain, and in bringing the offender to justice; to carry the chain on his back through the main travelled road, in open daylight, and humbly ask Simon Bogle's pardon.
The terms of the sentence were promptly and fully complied with, and it was ever afterward said of Jared Sculpin, that he was an altered man, and a virtuous citizen.
When their fleet of boats was weather-bound, the butchers raised their price, and the spit was busier than the frying-pan; for this was a place of fish, and known as such, to all the country round about; the very air was fishy, being perfumed with dead sculpins, hardheads, and dogfish, strewn plentifully on the beach.
I remember the happy days when the haddock were more numerous on all the fishing-grounds than sculpins in the surf; when the deepwater cod swain close in shore, and the dogfish, with his poisonous horn, had not learned to take the hook.

Examples of Sculpin

Example #1
About 50 traps were used by each fisherman, and they were hauled once a day.
Example #2
The traps were made of the same size as at present, but were constructed of round oak sticks, and with four hoops or bows to support the upper framework.
Example #3
In the vicinity of sardine canneries the heads of herring are used.
Example #4
Halibut heads are said to be the best, as they are tougher than the cod or hake heads, and thus last much longer.
Example #5
On being drawn from the water, it exposes an immense head, a diminutive bony carcass, and a surface so full of spines, ridges, ruffles, and frills, that the naturalists have not been able to count them without quarrelling about the number, and that the colored youth, whose sport they spoil, do not like to touch them, and especially to tread on them, unless they happen to have shoes on, to cover the thick white soles of their broad black feet.
Example #6
Hold on!-said my neighbor, a young fellow whose name seems to be John, and nothing else,-for that is what they all call him,-hold on!