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Definition of Seafowl

  • a bird that frequents coastal waters and the open ocean: gulls; pelicans; gannets; cormorants; albatrosses; petrels; etc.

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As the rock also afforded a shelter to numerous seafowl, which built their nests in its crevices, it would afford some security to a few human beings.
One is the time of dreams, flowers, and emotions; the other, the period of hopes, courage, and accomplishment. October, the fulness of Autumn, with its cool, clear, bracing air; with its gathered crops, rustling leaves, and golden light: October, when days of furious storm are succeeded by weeks of hazy sunshine and muffled quiet; when the fish are fat but greedy; when quacking seafowl and game of every kind tempt the lovers of good sport- Ah!
This morning, August the first, as we were standing in, we saw several large seafowls, like our gannets on the coast of England, flying 3 or 4 together; and a sort of white seamews, but black about the eyes, and with forked tails.

Examples of Seafowl

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Still, during a gale such as was now blowing, the sea washed tumultuously round the rock, and rendered the landing-even on the lee side-not only difficult but dangerous.
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A considerable portion, even at the highest tides, was several feet above water, and easily accessible.
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The favourite season of girls is, I think, Spring; and of boys, Autumn.
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We strove to run in near the shore to seek for a harbour to refresh us after our tedious voyage; having made one continued stretch from Brazil hither of about 114 degrees designing from hence also to begin the discovery I had a mind to make on New Holland and New Guinea.
Example #6
And here I would note once for all that the latitudes marked in the draughts, or sights here given, are not the latitude of the land, but of the ship when the sight was taken.