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Nowhere, either, was it mentioned that in years at NSA, Miles Foster had submitted over 30 unsolicited proposals for changes in cryptographic and communications techniques to improve the secu- rity of the United States.
Throughout his years of Government service at the National Secu- rity Agency, Miles Foster had become a nine to fiver.
Secu- rity Center which has since become the National Computer Security Center operating under the auspices of the National Security Agency.

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Example #1
Scott thought that was the perfect diplomatic description.
Example #2
Nowhere did it say, they were all turned down, tabled, ignored.
Example #3
Rarely did he work in the evening or on weekends.
Example #4
He could function well enough, and cranki- ness was difficult to convey over a computer terminal, but work- ing nights wasn't much to his liking.
Example #5
In 1983 they published a series of guidelines to be used in the creation or evaluation of computer security.
Example #6
Officially titled the Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria, it is popularly known as the Orange Book.