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Cardinalatûs spe lactatus partim pro seculi locique more, Romæ enim plerumque vixit, vagis amoribus delectatus, morbo hinc contracto, obiit A.C. 1520, ætat.
Nos autem vocationis nostræ non immemores, in tanto fidei negocio & discrimine, tantisque infœlicis huius seculi tumultibus, haudquaquàm cessatores egimus.
In a copy of "Ptolemy" addressed to Pope Urban VI. about 1380, before the alleged visit of the Portuguese, it was stated of the people at Antillia that they lived in a Christian manner, and were most prosperous, "Hie populus christianissime vivit, omnibus divitiis seculi hujus plenus" (D'Avezac, "Nouvelles Annales des voyages," 1845, II.

Examples of Seculi

Example #1
Raphael," _apud_ Hofmann, _Lexicon Universale_.
Example #2
Fidem matrimonii quidem dederat nepti cuidam Cardinal.
Example #3
Dici enim non potest facilè, quantis sudoribus aduersus hæc dogmata inuigilauerimus.
Example #4
Quo cæteri à nefandis istis dogmatibus arcerentur.
Example #5
The sailor who re-discovered them said that the chief desire of the people was to know whether the Moors still held Spain (Gaffarel, "Iles Fantastiques," p. 3).
Example #6
It was afterwards held by some that the island of Antillia was identical with St. Michael in the Azores, where a certain cluster of stone huts still bears the name of Seven Cities, and the same name is associated with a small lake by which they stand.