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How to use securd in a sentence. Securd pronunciation.

And by this means we are sure that none but Persons of Quality can be admitted: and the Ladies Honours are thereby secur'd.
I was, however, chosen, which was the more agreeable to me, as, besides the pay for the immediate service as clerk, the place gave me a better opportunity of keeping up an interest among the members, which secur'd to me the business of printing the votes, laws, paper money, and other occasional jobbs for the public, that, on the whole, were very profitable.
His limes were first in flow'rs, his lofty pines, With friendly shade, secur'd his tender vines.
Them thus imploid beheld With pittie Heav'ns high King, and to him call'd RAPHAEL, the sociable Spirit, that deign'd To travel with TOBIAS, and secur'd His marriage with the seaventimes-wedded Maid.

Examples of Securd

Example #1
For some take as much delight in seeing as in doing: My House goes under the Notion of being Let out in Lodgings, and every Gentlewoman than is enter'd, has her Picture drawn, which hangs up in the Dining Room; where when Gentlemen come, they chuse which Person they please by the Picture; and for a Guinea paid to me, they are admitted to her, with whom they make what Bargain they can agree upon.
Example #2
And then she cou'd the better tell her whether she cou'd order Matters so as to comport therewith.
Example #3
I therefore did not like the opposition of this new member, who was a gentleman of fortune and education, with talents that were likely to give him, in time, great influence in the House, which, indeed, afterwards happened.
Example #4
The choice was made that year without opposition; but the year following, when I was again propos'd (the choice, like that of the members, being annual), a new member made a long speech against me, in order to favour some other candidate.
Example #5
For fruit the grafted pear tree to dispose, And tame to plums the sourness of the sloes With spreading planes he made a cool retreat, To shade good fellows from the summer's heat _Virgil's Georgics, Book IV_. An excellent Scottish poet-Allan Ramsay-a true and unaffected describer of rural life and scenery-seems to have had as great a dislike to topiary gardens, and quite as earnest a love of nature, as any of the best Italian poets.
Example #6
The author of the "Gentle Shepherd" tells us in the following lines what sort of garden most pleased his fancy.