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Definition of See

  • The seat of episcopal power; a diocese; the jurisdiction of a bishop; as, the see of New York.
  • The seat of an archbishop; a province or jurisdiction of an archbishop; as, an archiepiscopal see.
  • The seat, place, or office of the pope, or Roman pontiff; as, the papal see.
  • The pope or his court at Rome; as, to appeal to the see of Rome.
  • To perceive by the eye; to have knowledge of the existence and apparent qualities of by the organs of sight; to behold; to descry; to view.
  • To perceive by mental vision; to form an idea or conception of; to note with the mind; to observe; to discern; to distinguish; to understand; to comprehend; to ascertain.
  • To follow with the eyes, or as with the eyes; to watch; to regard attentively; to look after.
  • To have an interview with; especially, to make a call upon; to visit; as, to go to see a friend.
  • To fall in with; to meet or associate with; to have intercourse or communication with; hence, to have knowledge or experience of; as, to see military service.
  • To accompany in person; to escort; to wait upon; as, to see one home; to see one aboard the cars.
  • In poker and similar games at cards, to meet (a bet), or to equal the bet of (a player), by staking the same sum.
  • To have the power of sight, or of perceiving by the proper organs; to possess or employ the sense of vision; as, he sees distinctly.
  • Figuratively: To have intellectual apprehension; to perceive; to know; to understand; to discern; -- often followed by a preposition, as through, or into.
  • To be attentive; to take care; to give heed; -- generally with to; as, to see to the house.
  • the seat within a bishop's diocese where his cathedral is located
  • perceive (an idea or situation) mentally
  • get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally
  • make sense of; assign a meaning to
  • be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something
  • deem to be
  • deliberate or decide
  • find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort
  • match or meet
  • receive as a specified guest
  • imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind
  • come together
  • accompany or escort
  • undergo or live through a difficult experience
  • perceive or be contemporaneous with
  • perceive by sight or have the power to perceive by sight
  • see and understand, have a good eye
  • observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect
  • see or watch
  • observe as if with an eye
  • date regularly; have a steady relationship with
  • go to see for professional or business reasons
  • go to see for a social visit
  • go to see a place, as for entertainment
  • take charge of or deal with

How to use see in a sentence. See pronunciation.

The door was open, but I could see no one.
I see him at his window looking out towards the Cloistered House; and if our neighbour comes forth, perhaps upon his hunter, or now in his cart, or again with his dogs, he draws his hat down upon his eyes and whispers to himself.
The Nile wound its way through the green plains, stretching as far to the north as eye could see between the opal and mauve and gold of the Libyan Hills.
Say, it makes my eyes water sometimes to see the fellah slogging away.
Thinks nobody can see through him, and there's nobody that can't.
I'll bet a dollar you'll see them both to-night at the Palace-if Kaid doesn't throw them to the lions for their dinner before yours is served.
He was now set to see what sort of match this intellect could play, when faced by the inherent contradictions present in all truths or the solutions of all problems.
David looked at Kaid as though he would read in his face the reply that he must make, but he did not see Kaid; he saw, rather, the face of one he had loved more than Jonathan had been loved by the young shepherd-prince of Israel.
Familiar with the Palace, and bribing when it was necessary to bribe, Foorgat Bey had evidently brought her to see the function, there where all women were forbidden.
He pressed it, the door yielded, and, throwing it back, he stepped into the room-to see a woman struggling to resist the embraces and kisses of a man.
He struck-come, and thou shalt see.
He had an early breakfast, and prepared to go to her hotel, wishing to see her once more.
It was his duty to see that she went, and at once-this very day.
He would go and see her.
The curious came about him and looked at him, but he did not see or hear.
I begin to see how near good is to evil; how near faith is to unfaith; and how difficult it is to judge from actions only; how little we can know to-day what we shall feel tomorrow.
Yet one must learn to see deeper, to find motive, not in acts that shake the faith, but in character which needs no explanation, which-" He paused, disturbed.
He put his thoughts more gently, more vaguely. "By what happened I have come to see what matters in life.
I know I'm ignorant and selfish and feeble-minded, but I can see farther than you think.
He had planned, planned-ah, God, can you not see it all!

Examples of See

Example #1
Yet there the voices sounded, one sharp and peevish with anger, the other low and rough.
Example #2
But, as I did so, my heart stood still, for I heard voices.
Example #3
I think he is ever setting thee off against Lord Eglington; and that is foolish, for Eglington is but a man of the earth earthy.
Example #4
In degree it has ever been so; but now it is like a constant frown upon his forehead.
Example #5
Far over in the western vista a long line of trees, twining through an oasis flanking the city, led out to a point where the desert abruptly raised its hills of yellow sand.
Example #6
At his feet lay the great mosque, and the citadel, whose guns controlled the city, could pour into it a lava stream of shot and shell.