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Definition of Seedsman

  • A sower; one who sows or scatters seed.
  • A person who deals in seeds.
  • a dealer in seeds

How to use seedsman in a sentence. Seedsman pronunciation.

I suppose these small ones must be the original pinks that the seedsmen have burbanked into the big double ones.
The best way is to ask the seedsman where you buy your seeds to indicate on the package or in a letter what the sowing time should be for our part of the world.
A seedsman had given them a liberal supply of seeds to sell on commission, agreeing to take back all that were not sold and to contribute one per cent.
His sitting-room was like the admiral's cabin, his bath-room was like a dairy, his sleeping-chamber, fitted all about with lockers and drawers, was like a seedsman's shop; and his nicely-balanced cot just stirred in the midst, as if it breathed.
C. E. ALLEN, Florist and Seedsman, Brattleboro, VT.
The more it promises; as it ebbs, the seedsman Upon the slime and ooze scatters his grain, And shortly comes to harvest.
But there are garden hand-pumps in every seedsman's shop with which a man could deluge his property with the greatest ease.
The higher Nilus swels, The more it promises: as it ebbes, the Seedsman Vpon the slime and Ooze scatters his graine, And shortly comes to Haruest Lep.

Examples of Seedsman

Example #1
She says she has seen people going by on the road sniff to see what that delicious fragrance was.
Example #2
They are charming little fellows and keep up a tremendous blossoming all summer long.
Example #3
It takes some of them longer to germinate and make ready to bloom than it does others.
Example #4
But of course it's true in a general way that the first to be planted are the first to bloom.
Example #5
On one, cut flowers were to be sold; on another, potted plants, and a special corner was devoted to wild plants from the woods.
Example #6
Under the trees among the refreshment tables, but not in their way, were the sales tables.