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How to use semi-erect in a sentence. Semi-erect pronunciation.

It was approaching through the jungle in a semi-erect position, now and then placing the backs of its closed fists upon the ground-a great anthropoid ape, and, as it advanced, it emitted deep guttural growls and an occasional low barking sound.
Mr. Squills, after a long pause,-employed in some of the more handy means for the reanimation of submerged bodies, supporting himself close to the fire in a semi-erect posture, with gentle friction, self-applied, to each several limb, and copious recourse to certain steaming stimulants which my compassionate hands prepared for him,-stretches himself and says feebly, "In short, then, not to provoke further discussion, you would go to war in defence of your country.
So far as I am aware, no one has attempted to dispute the accuracy of the statements which I have just quoted regarding the habits of the two Asiatic man-like Apes; and if true, they must be admitted as evidence, that such an Ape- Firstly, May readily move along the ground in the erect, or semi-erect, position, and without direct support from its arms.

Examples of Semi-erect

Example #1
Clayton was at some distance from the cabin, having come to fell a particularly perfect tree for his building operations.
Example #2
At last he saw it, the thing the little monkeys so feared-the man-brute of which the Claytons had caught occasional fleeting glimpses.
Example #3
To the left spread the kitchen-garden, lying screened by espaliers yielding the finest apples in the neighborhood, and divided by three winding gravel-walks, of which the extremest was backed by a wall, whereon, as it lay full south, peaches, pears, and nectarines sunned themselves early into well-remembered flavor.
Example #4
To the right of the house the enclosure contained a little lawn, a laurel hermitage, a square pond, a modest greenhouse, and half-a-dozen plots of mignonette, heliotrope, roses, pinks, sweet-William, etc.
Example #5
Secondly, That it may possess an extremely loud voice, so loud as to be readily heard one or two miles.
Example #6
Both males and females of this smaller species are distinguishable, according to Mr. Wallace, by the comparatively large size of the middle incisors of the upper jaw.