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Definition of Serum-therapy

  • The treatment of disease by the injection of blood serum from immune animals.

How to use serum-therapy in a sentence. Serum-therapy pronunciation.

This cultivation of a virus within the animal organism suggested, no doubt, by the familiar Jennerian method of securing small-pox vaccine, was at the same time a step in the direction of a new therapeutic procedure which was destined presently to become of all-absorbing importance-the method, namely, of so-called serum-therapy, or the treatment of a disease with the blood serum of an animal that has been subjected to protective inoculation against that disease.
Physicians from all over the world flocked to Paris to learn the details of the open secret, and within a few months the new serum-therapy had an acknowledged standing with the medical profession everywhere.
Dr. Calmette, another graduate of the Pasteur Institute, has extended the range of the serum-therapy to include the prevention and treatment of poisoning by venoms, and has developed an antitoxine that has already given immunity from the lethal effects of snake bites to thousands of persons in India and Australia.

Examples of Serum-therapy

Example #1
The possibility of such a method was suggested by the familiar observation, made by Pasteur and numerous other workers, that animals of different species differ widely in their susceptibility to various maladies, and that the virus of a given disease may become more and more virulent when passed through the systems of successive individuals of one species, and, contrariwise, less and less virulent when passed through the systems of successive individuals of another species.
Example #2
The preventive virus, of varying strengths, was made by maceration of these cords at varying stages of desiccation.
Example #3
What it had accomplished was regarded as but an earnest of what the new method might accomplish presently when applied to the other infectious diseases.
Example #4
Hence it was not strange that his paper made a sensation in all circles, medical and lay alike.
Example #5
Just how much of present promise is tentative, just what are the limits of the methods-these are questions for the future to decide.
Example #6
Then it is known that Dr. Yersin, with the collaboration of his former colleagues of the Pasteur Institute, has developed, and has used with success, an antitoxine from the microbe of the plague which recently ravaged China.