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How to use sex-and in a sentence. Sex-and pronunciation.

Also, she saw or felt a certain sexlessness or indifference to sex-and this she later understood.
She had at any rate partially covered the figure of ridicule presented to her feminine imagination by the aspect of her fair self exposed in public contention with one of her sex-and for a man.

Examples of Sex-and

Example #1
Men whose occupation compels them constantly to deal with women go to one extreme or the other-either become acutely sensitive to women as women or become utterly indifferent, unless their highly discriminated taste is appealed to-which cannot happen often.
Example #2
She decided that he was of common origin, that his vanity was colossal and aquiver throughout with sensitiveness; that he belonged to the familiar type of New-Yorker who succeeds by bluffing.
Example #3
It was enough to make her pulse and her brain lively.
Example #4
On second thoughts, too, it had struck her that she might be serving Merthyr in disengaging Emilia; and undoubtedly she served Georgiana by giving her a warning.