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He, for instance, mentions that in visiting the provinces of Shansi and Shensi he observed many plantations of mulberry trees.
China itself-a very small country then-southern Shansi, northern Homan, western Shantung-was first divided up under the feudal system; the king retaining a domain, known as Chow, in Homan, for his own.
Pih Hsih, a rebel, was holding a town in Tsin, modern Shansi, against the king of that state; and now sent messengers inviting Confucius to visit him.

Examples of Shansi

Example #1
Now there is hardly a single mulberry tree in either of these provinces, and the culture of the silkworm has moved farther south, to regions of atmospheric moisture.
Example #2
We know this not only from the old Chinese records, but from the accounts given by the traveler, Marco Polo.
Example #3
Their old duchy palatinate became the model for scores of others.
Example #4
The kings of Chow adopted the same plan.
Example #5
But at Wei, as usual, there was nothing but disappointment in store.
Example #6
He had found no more likely material than Duke Ling of Wei, who at least was always glad to see and talk with him:-might not be jade to carve, but was the wood least rotten at hand.