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Definition of Sharpener

  • any implement that is used to make something (an edge or a point) sharper

How to use sharpener in a sentence. Sharpener pronunciation.

That door has always been a little tiresome since the day we took the lock off to get out the pencil sharpener H. O. had shoved into the keyhole.
Mrs. Baverstock's beady eyes became momentarily dim; she did not possess by nature a very large amount of intuition, but love is a wonderful sharpener of wits.
The pencil sharpener is on Mrs. Stogbuchner's desk.
Baartock wasn't sure just what to say, so he held up the pencil instead. "Do you need some help with the pencil sharpener?

Examples of Sharpener

Example #1
When he went back to the study he didn't shut the door properly.
Example #2
He didn't look like an Indian but just like a kind of brown, big Englishman, and of course he didn't see us, but we heard him mutter to himself- 'Shocking bad dinner!
Example #3
He gathered up the thick locks half absently, twisting them clumsily into a kind of knot, and, throwing back his head, surveyed her pensively for a moment; then he kissed her just at the nape of the neck, and let the curls drop again with a sigh.
Example #4
The child ran to him, and climbed upon his knee, and he passed his hand proudly through her mass of yellow curls.
Example #5
Baartock got up and walked up to the desk.
Example #6
She had been watching him.