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How to use she-that in a sentence. She-that pronunciation.

The councilor said that she-that Marion was Strang's wife.
He did not care-nor did she-that many curious and some angry glances followed their every movement.
Was that she,-that girl who sat there weaving the fine threads in the beautiful altar-cloth?
She was a pretty illustration, wasn't she?-that little bare-headed child.

Examples of She-that

Example #1
He told me nothing more than that, nothing of her trouble, nothing about you.
Example #2
No, I don't understand you.
Example #3
And all the world had vanished: he had her to himself, for these few happy moments he could hold her and refuse to let her go.
Example #4
And now he held her, and guided her through the throng, her tiny feet moving in unison with his.
Example #5
Was it a hundred years ago?
Example #6
As she adjusted its folds, her mind was carried back to the time when she embroidered it, sitting on the Senora's veranda; the song of the finches, the linnets; the voice and smile of Felipe; Alessandro sitting on the steps, drawing divine music from his violin.