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How to use shen-shen in a sentence. Shen-shen pronunciation.

After travelling for seventeen days, a distance we may calculate of about 1500 le, (the pilgrims) reached the kingdom of Shen-shen,(1) a country rugged and hilly, with a thin and barren soil.
An account is given of the kingdom of Shen-shen in the 96th of the Books of the first Han dynasty, down to its becoming a dependency of China, about B.C. 80.
Compare what is said in chapter ii of the dress of the people of Shen-shen.

Examples of Shen-shen

Example #1
The clothes of the common people are coarse, and like those worn in our land of Han,(2) some wearing felt and others coarse serge or cloth of hair;-this was the only difference seen among them.
Example #2
Among the Mongols," chap. 5.
Example #3
The greater portion of that is now accessible to the English reader in a translation by Mr. Wylie in the "Journal of the Anthropological Institute," August, 1880.
Example #4
They found the country uninhabited as they went along.
Example #5
Giles thinks the fruit here was the guava, because the ordinary name for "pomegranate" is preceded by gan {.}; but the pomegranate was called at first Gan Shih-lau, as having been introduced into China from Gan-seih by Chang-k'een, who is referred to in chapter vii.
Example #6
I often found in monasteries boys and lads who looked up to certain of the monks as their preceptors.