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Many a Finn woman has got into the power of a Shetlander, and borne children to him; but if the Finn woman succeeded in re-obtaining her sea-skin, or seal-skin, she escaped across the water’ (Karl Blind in the _Contemporary Review_, September 1881, pp.
The worthy carpenter, James Foubister by name, also a Shetlander, sided with Andrew, and promised not to desert the old captain.
It has two passages to the sea, so that when the wind blows a storm on one side of the islands, the Shetlander in his boat passes out in the other direction, and finds himself in comparatively smooth water.
The communication with Scotland by steamboat had ceased, as it always does in winter, and it was long before the sufferings of the Shetlanders were known in Great Britain, but as soon as the intelligence was received, contributions were made and the poor creatures were relieved.

Examples of Shetlander

Example #1
But on shore, after having taken off the wrappage, they are, and behave like, real human beings....
Example #2
By means of a “skin” which they possess, the men and the women among them are able to change themselves into seals.
Example #3
Their example influenced most of the other men attached to the boat, who agreed, should the rest of the party do as they proposed, to remain with them.
Example #4
Their replies showed that they were bent on pushing on.
Example #5
It was Sunday, and the man who landed us at the quay and took our baggage to our lodging, said as he left us- "It's the Sabbath, and I'll no tak' my pay now, but I'll call the morrow.
Example #6
About one o'clock we cast anchor before Lerwick, a fishing village, built on the shore of Bressay Sound, which here forms one of the finest harbors in the world.