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How to use short-cropped in a sentence. Short-cropped pronunciation.

He wore a short-cropped mustache and chin beard.
The chine of the headland-of turf, short-cropped by the unceasing wind-stretched smooth as a racecourse for close upon a mile, with a gentle dip midway much like the hollow of a saddle.
His short-cropped, bristly black hair had been shaved off; the head was now bald.

Examples of Short-cropped

Example #1
His skin was brown, and his dark eyes beamed with a genial light.
Example #2
His head was large and covered with grizzled locks.
Example #3
The Collector ran his eye along it in search of the two men he had come to meet, but could spy neither of them.
Example #4
Its salt breeze played on his face; and the bay horse, feeling the tickle of it in his nostrils, threw up his head with a whinny.
Example #5
That head was destined to hold the mighty brain of Master Scientist Raymond Cram.
Example #6
On the first table lay the body of the robot-coolie, a man of medium size, sturdy, well-muscled, with the smooth round yellow face and stub nose of his kind.