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How to use shyin in a sentence. Shyin pronunciation.

Ef they suspicion 't we're shyin' off from the ridge, they'll draw a fine bead 'n' cut loose.
Shyin' or Shine-Excellent; desirable. Sight-To tolerate; to permit; also to see; observe.
He's sailin' a boat when he ain't playin' cards or scarin' everybody down to the beach with his gun, or shyin' things at Meg.

Examples of Shyin

Example #1
I knowed it," he added with a lugubrious complacency.
Example #2
He pointed aimlessly at the ground and edged toward the draw. "Ef they think we're jest follerin' a stray track, they'll likely hold off till we git back in the trail 'n' start comin' on agin," he explained craftily, still pointing at the ground ahead of him and still urging his horse to the draw.
Example #3
Sir Garneo-In perfect order; satisfactory. Skirt or bit of skirt-A female.
Example #4
To have marked down for punishment or revenge.
Example #5
He's got a great many very good qualities; he has no mother and the captain has never looked after him.
Example #6
There, sister, that's just your color; that's what that gray dress needs.