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How to use sibert in a sentence. Sibert pronunciation.

J., Berdashaw, W.J., Butler, W., Belcher, J.C., Bond, I.C., Burns, M., Brugh, T.J., Barksdale, W., Barksdale, J., Barksdale, B.B., Barksdale, T.W., Banks, G.M., Banks, W.W., Banks, C.C., Barksdale, G.T., Belcher, H.C. Corroll, V., Chamberlain, W., Childs, T.W., Cook, W., Cook, F.L., Connor, A.P., Crose, W.M., Cook, T.W., Childs, T.C., Calhoun, E., Davis, P., Devlin, J.A., Devlin, W.P., Derracort, W.G., Drennan, D.H., Dowtin, D.W., Elkins, W., Eunis, G., Edmonds, W.F., Edwards, W.W., Edmonds, T.J., Finley, J.C., Gillebeau, J.C., Gillebeau, P.D., Hill, J.W., Harris, S.N., Holloway, J.L., Harrison, J., Knox, S., Kennedy, J.M., Kennedy, W.P., Link, J.J., Link, S.C., Link, W.T., Lyon, J.E., Lyon, L.W., Leak, T.N., Lyon, R.N., Lands, W., Ligon, T.C., Lamonds, J.F.A., LeRoy, J.N., Martin, G.W., Martin, P.C., McKettrick, J., McClinton, J., McQuerns, J.A., McKinney, W.W., McKinney, J., McKelvey, W.H., McCaslan, G.D., Morrow, W.B., Morrow, J.A., McClain, R., Noble, E.P., McGowan, O., New, F., Noble, J.S., O'Neill, P., Palmer, W.O., Pennal, J.E., Paris, H., Rodgers, M.J., Robinson, P.H., Russell, J.R., Reagan, Y.P., Seigler, J.A., Sibert, J.H., Shoemaker, A.M., Scott, C., Tennant, G.C., Tennant, P., Turnage, J., Traylor, A.A., Wells, W.H., Wideman, J.J., Wilson, J.L., Willis, W.W., Willis, J.P., Wideman, C.A., Zimmerman, D.R., Zimmerman, J.H.
William L. Sibert, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army; Civil Engineer H. H. Rousseau, U. S. Navy; Mr. J. C. S. Blackburn; Col. W. C. Gorgas, U. S. Army, and Mr. Jackson Smith, Commissioners.
It was "The Palatine (in the 'Dark Ages')," by Willa Sibert Cather, reprinted from McClure's.

Examples of Sibert

Example #1
This is ten thousand titles each to one hundred million readers, which is only about 4% of the present number of computer users.
Example #2
He scarcely realised what Lacey was saying.
Example #3
This change of authority and direction went into effect on April 1, without causing a perceptible check to the progress of the work.
Example #4
Col. George W. Goethals, Corps. of Engineers, U. S. Army, chairman and chief engineer; Maj. D. D. Gall-lard, Corps of Engineers, U. S. Army; Maj.
Example #5
By and by he handed me the Saturday Times Review, saying: "Here is a fine poem, a great poem, I think.
Example #6
Yes, I have read The Tale of Two Cities, and could do it again.