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It was not uncommon to find twenty or twenty-five per cent of a command on the sick-report, and in some cases the sick-list went as high as fifty per cent.
I am greatly indebted to Gen. Wheeler, who, as previously stated, returned from the sick-list to duty during the afternoon.
The Mamelukes, knowing that we were all on the sick-list, want to stop our road; but it was no use trying that nonsense with Napoleon.
That his force in that November week before Groll was numerically far superior to the enemy is certain, but he had lost confidence in his cavalry since their bad behaviour at Mulheim the previous year, and a very large proportion of his infantry was on the sick-list at the moment of Spinola's approach.
An' the sick-list to the Colonel makes ten more to-day.
One day the signalman was on the sick-list.

Examples of Sick-list

Example #1
Owing to the foregoing causes, great numbers of men became ill as soon as the strain and tension of the battle were relieved.
Example #2
There were no well men in the 5th Army Corps.
Example #3
His cheerfulness and aggressiveness made itself felt on this part of the battle-field, and the information he furnished to me at various stages of the battle proved to be most useful.
Example #4
The fighting continued at intervals until nightfall, but our men held resolutely to the positions gained at the cost of so much blood and toil.
Example #5
There now, my friends, was that natural, do you think?
Example #6
Junot, who was his devoted friend, and a first-class fighter, only takes a thousand men, and makes a clean sweep of the Pasha's army, which had the impudence to bar our way.