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Definition of Sike

  • A gutter; a stream, such as is usually dry in summer.
  • A sick person.

How to use sike in a sentence. Sike pronunciation.

But then, again, neither does Bill Sikes experience a change of heart, nor Jonas Chuzzlewit; and the end of each is most excellently told.
Dickens, too, had something to throw off; in his earlier books there is an inflation-rounded words fill the inappropriate mouth of Bill Sikes himself-but he discarded them with a splendid laugh.
He began as a serious novelist with Ralph Nickleby and Lord Frederick Verisopht; he went on to produce such masterpieces as Jonas Chuzzlewit and Doubledick, and Eugene Wrayburn and the immortal Mrs. Gamp, and Fagin and Sikes and Sydney Carton, and many another.
I ran off in a contrary direction, till I came to the foot of the Pearman Sike, and then, running up the hollow of that, I appeared on the top of the bank as if I had been another man brought in view by hearing the shots in such a place.
And now I singe, and now I sike, And thus mi contienance I pike.
And with that word I sike and wisshe, And seie, "Ha, whi ne were it day?

Examples of Sike

Example #1
George Meredith said that the most difficult thing to write in fiction was dialogue.
Example #2
Here the end holds good in art, but the art was not good from the first.
Example #3
They are charged upon Mr. Micawber in his own character as author.
Example #4
This was the polite language of that time, as we conclude when we find it to be the language that Charlotte Bronte shook off; but before she shook it off she used it.
Example #5
The advance is one from positive weakness to positive strength, from ignorance to knowledge, from incapacity to mastery, from the manufacture of lay figures to the creation of human beings.
Example #6
But he practised Millet's dogma-_Dans l'art il faut sa peau_-as resolutely as Millet himself, and that, too, under conditions that might have proved utterly demoralising had he been less robust and less sincere.